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    Mark Moore AM, Craniofacial Surgeon Guest Speaker, Wednesday 27th March 2024.

    Mark spoke about his work in East, West Timor, and Flores Island in Indonesia. Mark has been going to these places for many years performing surgery on children and adults with Cleft lips, Palates and Burn injuries.

    There are no Plastic surgeons in the villages and towns he visits so they are unable to receive any surgical repair. Mark values his time in these places and the joy of the parents when these congenital defects are repaired. There are also many burn injuries as the cooking is done on open fires causing extensive injuries. There are people who suffer from seizures and fall into the fires causing large burns.

    There are times Mark sees a patient with extensive congenital defects that can not be done in the local hospital. These hospitals are basic with limited resources, inexperienced medical and surgical staff. There is no possibility of post-operative care and follow up with major cases.

    Mark will then involve ROMAC to help bring the patients to Adelaide where they will receive the specialised care they need. He has brought many patients to Adelaide who receive good outcomes and can return to their village and lead a normal life. Without the support of ROMAC it would be impossible to help the patients needing complex surgery as they need special x-rays and imaging and extensive port-operative care.

    Mark has a way of presenting his topic with great compassion and dedication. He genuinely loves the work he can do in areas where there is no possibility of treatment.

    It was a privilege to hear Mark speak and I know he made an impact on the club members.

    Mark is also currently going to Bhutan as they do not have a Plastic surgeon and again need the skills to help the many patients who come to the clinics.

    A truly inspiring presenter with a genuine desire to help people who cannot access the treatment they need.