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    Baptist Care – Donation Emergency Food Packages 24th April 2024.

    President Margie Maloney President RC Burnside, Baptist Care representatives, Stefano Tocci, Manager Inner City services, John Caddy Rotary club of Burnside, Marie Roswell, Community Food Hub Coordinator.

    Wednesday morning 24th April 2024 John Caddy and Margie Maloney from The Rotary Club of Burnside visited Baptist Care. We were there to see examples of the Emergency Food parcels that are available to people in a desperate situation trying to provide food for the family.

    With a donation from the Rotary Club of Burnside and a District grant we were able to provide Baptist Care with enough funds to buy four hundred Emergency food parcels.

    Baptist Care are finding the need for Emergency Food Parcels has increased due the high cost of basic food supplies. More people people are struggling to provide food for their families as well as the increase in homelessness.

    The Rotary Club of Burnside are happy that we have been able to help in this time of great need.

    We were also grateful for a generous donation from the St. Peters Rotary Club of $1500 which helped go towards the Food parcels.

    Stefano gave us an update on the instillation of the Air Conditioner in the kitchen. This will be happening very soon and Gary the amazing chef is very grateful. The kitchen provides over 150 meals a day to the homeless struggling with food supplies. The kitchen at Baptist Care while very functional is small and very hot in the summer months.

    Examples of the Emergency Food parcels for families struggling with basic food supplies.